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George C Wall


PhD Texas A&M University 
MSc Texas A&M University 
BSc University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests
• Diseases of papaya, taro, banana, betel nut and coconut 
• Phytophthora diseases, virus diseases and the Coconut Tinangaja Viroid disease

Contact Information:

Telephone: 671-735-2140
Cell Phone:
Fax: 671-734-4600
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George C Wall is currently involved in the following Fields of Study:

Publications by George C Wall:

Plant Disease Series

Orchid Virus Brochure (PDF)

Banana Bunchy Top Virus (PDF)

Papaya Ringspot Virus (PDF)

Betel Nut Bud Rot (PDF)

CAB International, 2006. Coconut tinangaja viroid [original text by G. C Wall]. In: Crop Protection Compendium, Global Module, 8th edition. Wallingford, UK: CAB International.

Wall G. C., Wiecko, A. T. and Ferreira, S. A. 2006. Field testing of papaya accessions for resistance to Papaya Ringspot Virus. IN: Proceedings of the CNAS Research Conference, University of Guam , 23 October, 2006. 10 pp.

Wall, G. C. and Iriarte, I. 2005. Prueba de patogenicidad de Phytophthora palmivora en Areca catechu. Page 55 in: Memoria del XLV Congreso Anual de la Sociedad Americana de Fitopatologia, Division Caribe, San Jose, Costa Rica, 27 junio 1 julio, 2005.

Wall, G. C., Quitugua, R. J., & Wright, J.G. 2004. Epidemia de pudricion del cogollo en Areca catechu. IN Memoria del V Seminario Cientifico Internacional, 24-28 de mayo, 2004, La Habana. A.O.3.

Wall, G. C., and Randles, J. W. 2003. Coconut tinangaja viroid. Pages 242-245 IN: Hadidi, A. et al., 2003. VIROIDS. Science Publishers, Enfield , NH .

Wall, G. C. and Wiecko, A. T. 2003. Comparison of DNA/RNA ratios in healthy and Tinangaja-infected Cocos nucifera. Page 196 IN: Resumenes, Conferencia Panamericana de Fitopatologia, Abril 5-10, Isla del Padre, TX.

Wall, G. C. 2002. Microscopic aliens threatening the Pacific region. Micronesica Suppl. 6:29-33.

Wall, G. C., and Wiecko, A. T. 2001. AGE, MHA, and RT-PCR for studying the coconut tinangaja viroid. P. 67 In IV Seminario Cientifico Internacional de Sanidad Vegetal, Cuba.

Wall, G. C. and Wiecko, A. T. 2000. Molecular properties of the coconut tinangaja viroid (CTiVd) and its pathogenicity. IN Proceedings of the CAS Research Conference, April 26-27, 2000. University of Guam.

Wall, G. C. 2000. Ladder Leaf Spot. Page 13 in: COMPENDIUM OF SORGHUM DISEASES, 2nd Ed. (Frederiksen, R. A., and Odvody, G. N., eds.).

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