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Aubrey  Moore


PhD University of Hawaii
MS Michigan State University
BSc Carleton University

Research Interests

His current research projects are:

As an extension entomologist, Dr. Moore identifies insects, provides pest control recommendations, and is an active member of the Guam Invasive Species Advisory Committee (GISAC) and the Western Plant Diagnostic Network (WPDN).  He maintains a website at to share information on local insects.

Contact Information:

Telephone: 671-735-2141/2086
Cell Phone:
Fax: 671-734-4600
Contact Aubrey  Moore via email

Aubrey  Moore is currently involved in the following Fields of Study:

Articles about Aubrey  Moore:

Publications by Aubrey  Moore:

Moore, Aubrey, Watson G., Bamba J. 2014. First record of Eggplant Mealybug, Coccidohystrix insolita (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae), on Guam: Potentially a major pest. Biodiversity Data Journal 2: e1042. DOI: 10.3897/BDJ.2.e1042

Marler, T.E., R. Miller, and A. Moore. 2013. Vertical stratification of predation on Aulacaspis yasumatsui infesting Cycas micronesica seedlings. HortScience 48:60–62.

Marler, T.E., G. Wiecko and A. Moore. 2012. Application of game theory to the interface between militarization and environmental stewardship in the Mariana Islands. Communicative and Integrative Biology 5:193-195.

Marler, T.E. and A. Moore. 2010. Cryptic Scale Infestations on Cycas revoluta Facilitate Scale Invasions. HortScience 45:837-839.

Mankin, R.W., A. Moore, P. R. Samson & K. J. Chandler 2009. Acoustic characteristics of dynastid beetle stridulations. Florida Entomologist 92(1): 123-133.

Moore, Aubrey & Robert L. Barber 2007. Wiki-Based Extension Fact Sheets.  Journal of Extension [in press].

Moore, Aubrey and Joaquin Tenorio. 2006. Our Island's Insects & Their Relatives; & Integrated Pest Management. Edited by J. Furey. In Island Ecology & Resource Management, Saipan: Northern Marianas College Press.

Williams, D. J., P. J. Gullan, K. Englberger, and A. Moore. 2006. Report on the scale insect Icerya imperatae Rao (Hemiptera: Coccoidea: Margarodidae) seriously infesting grasses in the Republic of Palau. Micronesica 38 (2):267–272. PDF

Moore, Aubrey, Thomas Marler, Ross H. Miller, and R. Muniappan. 2005. Biological control of cycad Aulacaspis scale on Guam. The Cycad Newsletter 28 (5):6–8. PDF

Moore, Aubrey & Ross H. Miller. 2002. Automated identification of optically sensed aphid (Homoptera: Aphidae) wingbeat waveforms. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 95(1): 1-8. PDF

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