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Robert L. Schlub


PhD Michigan State University
MS Ohio State University
BS Ohio State University

Research Interests

Contact Information:

Telephone: 671-735-2089
Cell Phone:
Fax: 671-734-5600
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Robert L. Schlub is currently involved in the following Fields of Study:

Publications by Robert L. Schlub:

Schlub, R.L., Smith L.J., Datnoff, L.E. and Pernezny, K. 2009. An overview of target spot of tomato caused by Corynespora cassiicola. Acta Hort. (ISHS) 808:25-28.

Mersha, Z., Schlub, R.L. and Moore, A. 2009. The state of ironwood (Casuarina equisetifolia subsp. equisetifolia) decline on the Pacific island of Guam. 2009 APS Annual Meeting Abstracts Program Book p. 75. 

Smith, L.J. Datnoff, L.E. Pernezny, K. and Schlub, R.L. 2009. Phylogenetic and pathogenic characterization of Corynespora cassiicola. Acta Hort. (ISHS) 808:51-56.

Smith L. J., Datnoff L. E., Pernezny K. L., Rollins J. A., Schlub R. L. 2008. Phylogenetic analyses of diverse Corynespora cassiicola isolates indicate an evolutionary correlation with host not geography, 9th European Conference on Fungal Genetics, April 5-8, Meeting Abstracts, Edinburgh, Scotland. p. 238.

Marutani, M., J. Tuquero, R. Schlub and J. McConnell. 2005. Response of vegetable crops to mycorrhizal inoculation in a calcareous soil in the tropics. HortScience 40:1000. 

McConnell, J. Marutani, M., R. Schlub, L. Raulerson, L. Gutierrezand G. Perez.2005. Production of the print-on-demand publication “Weeds of Guam.” HortScience40:1028. (Abstract) 

L. J. Smith, L. Datnoff, K. Pernezny, P. Roberts, J. Rollins, R. L. Schlub, J. Scott 2005. Characterization, host-range, and resistance of tomato cultivars to the tomato target spot fungus, Corynespora cassiicola. Florida Tomato Institute Proceedings.

Smith, L.J. and Schlub, R.L. 2005. Foliar fungi on weeds of Guam and the potential for Corynespora cassiicola as a bioherbicide for Stachytarpheta jamaicensis. Phytopathology 95:S93.

Smith, L.J. and  Schlub, R.L. 2004. Host range of Corynespora cassiicola and its occurrence on weeds, ornamentals and crops of Guam. Phytopathology 94:S97.

Marutani, M. and  Schlub, R.L., 2002. Cultivar evaluation of vegetable soybeans on Guam. Micronesica Supplement 7:93-100.

Schlub, R.L. 2002. Occurrences and severity of diseases of eggplant, pepper, and tomato on Guam. Phytopath. Vol:92-6, S73.

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