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From Soil Testing

Chacha Series

Soil Classification: Very fine, kaolinitic, isohyperthermic Oxic Haplustalfs.

The Chacha series consists of very deep, somewhat poorly drained, slowly permeable soils in concave basins on limestone plateaus. These soils formed in alluvial sediment and volcanic saprolite overlying limestone. Depth to bedrock is 150 centimeters or more. Soil texture of top horizon is silty clay or clay. Content of clay is 60 to 90 percent. The Chacha soil covers approximately 0.6 percent of Guam's total land area.

Suitability: Most ares of this soil are used for commercial and subsistence farming. Vegetable crops grown during the dry season include beans, watermelons, Chinese and head cabbages, cantaloupes and cucumbers. It is moderately suited banana, tangerine, and other fruit trees that are planted on the upperslopes. A few areas are used for grazing, homesites, watershed, and wildlife habitat. This soil series is moderately suited to commercial and subsistence farming. It is well suited to grazing and poorly suited to homesite development. The main limitations are wetness during the rainy season, the hazard of soil compaction when the soil is wet, and the lack of water late in the dry season. Wetness can be reduced by using raised beds for crop production. Mechanical tillage and vehicle traffic should be avoided when the soil is wet.


pH Organic
P mg/kg
K mg/kg
0-20 50-60
6.7 6.0 24 14.9 240

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