ATV Riding Through the Hills and Jungles of Guam


ATV Riding Through the Hills and Jungles of Guam

As the engine roars to life, I embark on an adrenaline-fueled adventure through the hills and jungles of Guam. With each twist and turn, I feel the thrill of the wild and untamed nature surrounding me. Exploring hidden waterfalls, navigating challenging paths, and discovering the beauty of this untouched wilderness, ATV riding in Guam is an experience like no other. So, buckle up and join me as we create unforgettable memories in the heart of nature’s playground.

Key Takeaways

  • Proper ATV maintenance is crucial for a successful trip.
  • Wearing appropriate safety gear, including helmets, is essential for protection.
  • Stay on designated ATV trails and be cautious of wildlife encounters.
  • Guam’s hillside trails and jungle paths offer thrilling and adrenaline-filled experiences.

Choosing the Right ATV for Your Adventure

When embarking on an ATV adventure through the hills and jungles of Guam, it is crucial to choose the right ATV for my journey. The first step in ensuring a successful trip is proper ATV maintenance. Before hitting the trails, I always make sure to check the tires for any signs of wear or damage. I also inspect the brakes, ensuring they are in good working condition. Regular oil changes and filter replacements are essential to keep the ATV running smoothly. By keeping up with maintenance, I can minimize the risk of breakdowns and enjoy a worry-free ride.

Another important aspect of choosing the right ATV is selecting the appropriate trail. Guam offers a variety of terrain, from rocky hillsides to dense jungles. It’s essential to consider my skill level and the ATV’s capabilities when deciding on a trail. I opt for trails that match my experience level to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. Additionally, I take into account the ATV’s size and power. Smaller ATVs are better suited for narrow trails and tight turns, while larger ones provide more stability and power for tackling rough terrains.

Furthermore, I always research the trails beforehand, taking note of their difficulty level and any potential hazards. It’s crucial to choose a trail that aligns with my preferences and abilities. By doing so, I can have a more fulfilling and exciting adventure without any unnecessary risks.

Essential Safety Gear for ATV Riding

When it comes to ATV riding, wearing a helmet is of utmost importance for safety. It protects your head from potential injuries in case of accidents or falls. Additionally, it is essential to have protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and sturdy footwear to shield yourself from debris, branches, and other potential hazards while riding.

Helmet Importance for Safety

Wearing a helmet is a crucial step in ensuring my safety while riding an ATV through the hills and jungles of Guam. There are different helmet types available, each offering different levels of protection. It is important to choose a helmet that is specifically designed for ATV riding, as it will provide the necessary protection for the head and face. When fitting a helmet, it should fit snugly without being too tight or too loose. A properly fitted helmet should sit low on the forehead, covering the top of the head and the sides of the face. It should also have adjustable straps to secure it in place. Investing in a high-quality helmet and ensuring it fits correctly is essential for my safety while exploring the rugged terrains of Guam.

Helmet Type Level of Protection
Full-face helmet Maximum protection
Open-face helmet Moderate protection
Half helmet Limited protection

Protective Gear Essentials

I always make sure to wear essential safety gear when riding an ATV through the hills and jungles of Guam. Proper protection is crucial to keep myself safe during these thrilling adventures. Before heading out, I go through a gear checklist to ensure that I have everything I need. The first item on the list is a helmet, which I discussed in a previous subtopic. In addition to the helmet, I wear goggles to protect my eyes from debris and bugs. Next, I put on a sturdy pair of gloves to maintain a firm grip on the handlebars and protect my hands in case of a fall. To safeguard my body, I wear a durable jacket and pants made of thick material. Lastly, I never forget to wear boots that cover my ankles, providing support and protecting my feet from any potential injuries. By wearing this essential protective gear, I feel confident and ready to explore the beautiful hills and jungles of Guam on my ATV adventures.

Exploring the Hillside Trails

As I navigate the hillside trails of Guam on my ATV, the stunning views and adrenaline rush make it an exhilarating experience. Exploring off road allows me to immerse myself in the natural beauty of the hillside landscapes. The thrill of trailblazing through nature fills me with a sense of adventure and excitement.

Hillside Trails Experiences
Breathtaking views The hillside trails offer breathtaking views of Guam’s lush greenery and rolling hills. It’s a feast for the eyes, with vibrant colors and picturesque scenery at every turn.
Adrenaline filled adventures Riding through the hillside trails is an adrenaline-filled adventure. The twists and turns, the ups and downs, and the challenging terrain keep me on the edge of my seat. It’s a thrilling ride that gets my heart pumping and my blood rushing.
Connection with nature Trailblazing through the hillside trails allows me to connect with nature on a deeper level. I can feel the wind on my face, smell the earthy scent of the forest, and hear the sounds of wildlife around me. It’s a moment of serenity and tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Exploring the hillside trails of Guam on my ATV is an experience like no other. The combination of stunning views, adrenaline-filled adventures, and a deep connection with nature creates a sense of freedom and excitement that is hard to replicate. It’s an escapade that allows me to appreciate the beauty of Guam’s landscapes while satisfying my thirst for adventure.

Navigating the Challenging Jungle Paths

Navigating through the challenging jungle paths can be quite daunting, but with proper safety tips in mind, it can also be an exhilarating adventure. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings and stay on the designated ATV trails to avoid getting lost or encountering any dangerous wildlife. Some popular jungle ATV trails in Guam include the Talofofo Falls, Tarzan Falls, and the Lost Pond Loop.

Safety Tips for Jungles

When riding through the challenging jungle paths, it’s crucial to stay alert and focused. Jungle survival is all about being prepared and aware of your surroundings. As you navigate through the dense foliage, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, always carry a map and compass to avoid getting lost. Plan your route in advance and inform someone about your itinerary. Additionally, be cautious of wildlife encounters. While it’s exciting to see the diverse species in the jungle, remember to keep a safe distance and never feed or provoke them. Stay on designated paths to minimize the risk of disturbing their natural habitat. By following these safety tips, you can enjoy your ATV ride through the jungle while ensuring your well-being and the preservation of the environment.

Popular Jungle ATV Trails

One must navigate the challenging jungle paths of Guam’s hills and jungles to explore popular ATV trails. These trails offer an exhilarating adventure through untouched nature, providing riders with a thrilling experience. One of the most popular jungle ATV trails is the Talofofo and Ugum River Trail. This trail takes you through dense jungles, steep hills, and muddy terrains, offering an adrenaline rush like no other. Along the way, you might stumble upon hidden waterfalls, adding an element of surprise and beauty to your journey. The discovery of these hidden gems amidst the rugged terrain is truly awe-inspiring. So, gear up, embrace the challenge, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure on Guam’s popular jungle ATV trails.

Discovering Hidden Waterfalls Along the Way

Exploring the ATV trails in the hills and jungles of Guam, I came across breathtaking hidden waterfalls along the way. These hidden waterfall locations provided me with a sense of adventure and tranquility as I marveled at their beauty. As an avid photographer, I couldn’t resist capturing these mesmerizing sights through my camera lens. Here are a few photography tips I learned along the way.

Firstly, it’s crucial to arrive at the hidden waterfall locations early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the lighting is soft and golden. This will enhance the natural beauty of the waterfalls and create a more enchanting atmosphere in your photographs. Additionally, using a tripod is essential to ensure sharp and steady shots, especially when capturing the silky flow of the waterfall.

When composing your shots, try different angles and perspectives to highlight the unique features of each waterfall. Experiment with long exposure techniques to create a dreamy effect with the cascading water. Incorporating elements such as surrounding foliage or rocks can add depth and context to your images.

Don’t forget to bring a waterproof camera bag or cover to protect your equipment from the mist and potential splashes. It’s also wise to wear appropriate footwear and exercise caution when navigating the slippery rocks near the waterfalls.

Exploring the hidden waterfalls along the ATV trails in Guam was an unforgettable experience. The combination of adrenaline-pumping ATV riding and the serenity of these natural wonders made for a truly remarkable adventure. Whether you’re an ATV enthusiast or a nature lover, discovering these hidden gems is a must-do activity when visiting Guam.

Embracing the Magnificent Flora and Fauna

As I embark on my ATV adventure through the hills and jungles of Guam, I am amazed by the incredible biodiversity hotspots that await me. The island is teeming with unique plant and animal species, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts like me. It is crucial that we preserve these natural habitats to ensure the continued existence of Guam’s magnificent flora and fauna.

Biodiversity Hotspots in Guam

Guam’s biodiversity hotspots showcase a remarkable array of flora and fauna. These hotspots are vital for biodiversity conservation and play a crucial role in endangered species protection. With its unique geographical location and diverse ecosystems, Guam is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world. The hotspots, such as Ritidian Point and the Marbo Cave, are teeming with life, including endangered species like the Mariana fruit bat and the Guam rail. Efforts are being made to protect and preserve these areas through habitat restoration, invasive species control, and public education. By embracing the magnificent flora and fauna found in Guam’s biodiversity hotspots, we can ensure the survival of these species for future generations.

Unique Plant and Animal Species

Being immersed in Guam’s biodiversity hotspots is an awe-inspiring experience, where the sheer abundance of unique plant and animal species captivates my senses. As I navigate through the hills and jungles on my ATV, I am surrounded by a world teeming with life and wonder. Here are some highlights of the magnificent flora and fauna found in Guam:

  • The Mariana fruit bat, an endangered species, gracefully gliding through the canopy.
  • The colorful Micronesian kingfisher, with its vibrant plumage and melodious song.
  • The delicate orchids, blooming in various shades and patterns, adding a touch of elegance to the landscape.
  • The elusive coconut crab, known for its massive size and incredible strength.
  • The rare and mysterious cycad, a living fossil that has survived for millions of years.

Conservation efforts are crucial to protect these unique species and their habitats. Through education, research, and preservation initiatives, we can ensure the survival of Guam’s remarkable biodiversity for generations to come.

Preserving Natural Habitats

One of the ways I actively contribute to the preservation of natural habitats in Guam is by embracing and protecting its magnificent flora and fauna. Guam is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including unique plant and animal species that are found nowhere else in the world. To ensure the survival of these precious species, preserving wildlife and conservation efforts are of utmost importance. This involves creating protected areas where flora and fauna can thrive undisturbed, implementing sustainable practices to minimize human impact, and raising awareness about the importance of preserving natural habitats. By actively participating in these conservation efforts, I am doing my part to safeguard the future of Guam’s flora and fauna, and to maintain the delicate balance of its ecosystems.

Soaking in the Spectacular Hilltop Views

As I rode my ATV through the hills and jungles of Guam, the breathtaking hilltop views left me in awe. The island’s natural beauty unfolded before my eyes, and I couldn’t help but be captivated by the stunning vistas that stretched out in every direction. Here are five ways to fully enjoy and appreciate the spectacular hilltop views of Guam:

  • Witness the Hilltop Sunset: As the sun dips below the horizon, the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors. Find a comfortable spot on a hilltop and watch as the hues of orange, pink, and purple paint the sky, creating a breathtaking sight that will leave you speechless.

  • Capture the Moment: If you’re a photography enthusiast, hilltop views offer the perfect opportunity to capture the island’s beauty. Set up your camera and snap awe-inspiring shots of the vast landscape, the dramatic cliffs, and the lush greenery that blankets the hills.

  • Immerse Yourself in Nature: Take a moment to appreciate the serenity and tranquility that surrounds you. Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the gentle rustling of leaves, and let the peacefulness of the hilltops wash over you. It’s a chance to disconnect from the world and connect with nature.

  • Go on a Hike: Lace up your boots and embark on a hiking adventure through the hills and jungles. As you ascend to higher ground, the hilltop views become even more spectacular. Feel the thrill of conquering the trails and reward yourself with breathtaking panoramas.

  • Enjoy a Picnic: Pack a delicious picnic and find a cozy spot on a hilltop to enjoy a meal with a view. As you savor the flavors, let your eyes wander over the rolling hills, the dense jungles, and the sparkling ocean in the distance. It’s the perfect way to combine relaxation and appreciation of nature’s wonders.

Soak in the spectacular hilltop views of Guam and let the beauty of the island leave an indelible mark on your heart.

Tips for Maneuvering Through Steep Slopes

Navigating steep slopes on an ATV requires skill and caution to ensure a safe and thrilling adventure through the hills and jungles of Guam. When tackling these challenging terrains, it’s essential to employ proper steering techniques and take necessary safety precautions.

To successfully maneuver through steep slopes, it’s important to use the correct steering techniques. One effective method is to lean your body forward while keeping your weight centered on the ATV. This helps to maintain balance and stability. Additionally, using the handlebars to steer and control the direction of the ATV is crucial. When ascending a steep slope, apply steady throttle and keep your momentum to prevent the ATV from sliding backward. Conversely, when descending, use gentle braking and avoid abrupt movements that could cause the ATV to lose control.

In order to ensure your safety while navigating steep slopes, it’s vital to take certain precautions. Always wear a helmet and other protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and sturdy boots. These will safeguard you from potential injuries in case of a fall or collision. Furthermore, inspect your ATV before each ride to ensure it is in proper working condition. Check the tires for sufficient tread and the brakes for responsiveness. It’s also advisable to ride with a partner or in a group, as they can provide assistance and support if needed.

Unleashing Your Adventurous Spirit on Rocky Terrain

I love the adrenaline rush I get when riding my ATV through the rocky terrain of Guam’s hills and jungles. There’s something about the ruggedness of the landscape that makes every ride an exhilarating adventure. If you’re ready to unleash your adventurous spirit on rocky terrain, here are some tips to make the most of your ATV experience:

  • Choose the right ATV: Make sure you have a sturdy and powerful ATV that can handle the challenges of rocky terrain. Look for one with good suspension and excellent traction to navigate the uneven surfaces.

  • Master rock climbing techniques: As you encounter rocky obstacles, it’s essential to learn proper rock climbing techniques. Practice leaning forward and shifting your weight to maintain balance as you maneuver over the rocks.

  • Stay focused and alert: Riding on rocky terrain requires your full attention. Keep your eyes on the path ahead, scanning for potential obstacles or loose rocks. Stay focused and be ready to react quickly to changes in the terrain.

  • Cross rivers with caution: River crossings can be both exciting and dangerous. Assess the depth and current of the river before attempting to cross. Go slow and maintain a steady speed to avoid getting stuck or losing control.

  • Protect yourself and your ATV: Wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, goggles, gloves, and sturdy boots. Additionally, consider installing protective skid plates on your ATV to shield it from rocks and debris.

Unleashing your adventurous spirit on rocky terrain is an incredible experience. With the right ATV, skills, and mindset, you can conquer any challenge that comes your way. So, gear up, embrace the adrenaline, and get ready for an unforgettable ATV ride through Guam’s rocky hills and jungles.

Taking a Break at Scenic Rest Stops

When exploring the rocky terrain of Guam’s hills and jungles on my ATV, I always make sure to take a break at scenic rest stops to recharge and appreciate the breathtaking views. These rest stops not only provide a much-needed break from the exhilarating ride, but they also offer opportunities for scenic photography and enjoying the local cuisine.

One of my favorite rest stops is located high up in the hills, overlooking a stunning vista of lush greenery and sparkling blue ocean. As I park my ATV and step off, I can’t help but be captivated by the beauty that surrounds me. I take out my camera and snap some scenic photographs, capturing the essence of this remarkable place. The tranquility of the scene is truly awe-inspiring.

Aside from the scenic photography, these rest stops also offer the chance to indulge in the local cuisine. Guam is known for its delicious food, and the rest stops often have small cafes or food stalls where I can sample some of the island’s specialties. From fresh seafood dishes to hearty Chamorro barbeque, there is something to satisfy every palate. As I sit down to enjoy my meal, I can’t help but marvel at how the flavors of the island reflect its vibrant culture.

Taking a break at these scenic rest stops is more than just a chance to catch my breath. It’s a moment to appreciate the natural beauty of Guam, to capture it through the lens of my camera, and to savor the flavors that make this island so unique. So, the next time you’re exploring the hills and jungles of Guam on your ATV, make sure to take a break at one of these scenic rest stops and immerse yourself in the beauty of the island.

Capturing Instagram-Worthy Moments

At these scenic rest stops, the opportunity to capture Instagram-worthy moments is a highlight of my ATV adventures through the hills and jungles of Guam. As I navigate the rugged terrain, I am constantly awestruck by the breathtaking views that surround me. Here are five ways I make sure to capture the most stunning images during my rides:

  • Finding the perfect vantage point: Whether it’s a hilltop overlooking the vast ocean or a hidden waterfall nestled in the jungle, I scout for the best locations to capture the scenic landscapes of Guam. I look for unique angles and perspectives that will make my photos stand out.

  • Playing with natural lighting: The golden hour, just before sunset, provides the most magical lighting for capturing the beauty of Guam. I experiment with the interplay of light and shadows to enhance the mood and atmosphere of my photos.

  • Mastering the art of action shots: Riding an ATV through the hills and jungles of Guam offers countless opportunities for capturing thrilling action shots. I practice adjusting my camera settings to freeze the motion and convey the adrenaline rush of the ride.

  • Including a sense of scale: The vastness of the landscapes in Guam can be overwhelming. To give my photos a sense of scale, I often include a person or an ATV in the frame. This helps viewers understand the magnitude of the scenery and creates a more immersive experience.

  • Highlighting the unique flora and fauna: Guam is home to a diverse range of plant and animal species. I make sure to capture the vibrant colors of the tropical flowers and the curious wildlife that I encounter along the way. These shots add an element of intrigue and showcase the rich biodiversity of the island.

ATV Riding in Different Weather Conditions

When it comes to ATV riding in different weather conditions, there are a few important points to consider. First, riding on a rainy day can be thrilling but also challenging, as the wet terrain can make it harder to control the ATV. Second, when the weather is sunny, it’s essential to take precautions such as wearing sunscreen, staying hydrated, and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun. Lastly, extreme weather conditions like storms or heavy winds should be avoided, as they can pose serious risks to both the rider and the ATV.

Rainy Day ATV Riding

As an ATV rider in Guam, I have experienced the exhilaration of tackling the hills and jungles in various weather conditions, including rainy days. Riding through the muddy trails during a rainy day can be challenging but incredibly fun. Here are some tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Wear appropriate gear: Make sure to wear a waterproof jacket, pants, and boots to stay dry and comfortable.
  • Check the trail conditions: Before heading out, find out if the trails are open and safe to ride on. Avoid areas prone to flooding or landslides.
  • Adjust your riding style: Slow down and maintain a steady pace to navigate through the slippery terrain. Be cautious when braking and turning.
  • Maintain visibility: Use a clear visor or goggles to prevent rain from obstructing your vision.
  • Clean and inspect your ATV: After riding in the rain, thoroughly clean and dry your ATV to prevent rust and damage.

Sunny Weather Precautions

I love riding my ATV through the hills and jungles of Guam, and when the sun is shining, I take extra precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Sunny weather may seem ideal for ATV riding, but it brings its own set of challenges. Here are some sunny weather precautions and ATV maintenance tips:

Precautions Maintenance Tips Safety Gear
Check tire pressure and tread depth Clean air filters after every ride Helmet
Apply sunscreen and wear protective clothing Inspect brakes and replace worn pads Goggles
Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks Change oil and filter regularly Gloves
Avoid riding during the hottest part of the day Tighten loose bolts and nuts Boots
Be mindful of wildlife and stay on designated trails Check battery and electrical connections Protective clothing

Riding in Extreme Conditions

Although sunny weather brings its own set of challenges, riding an ATV through extreme conditions and different weather conditions can be even more exhilarating. When it comes to riding in extreme conditions, mastering the right riding techniques and overcoming obstacles becomes crucial. Here are five key tips to help you navigate through various weather conditions and make the most out of your ATV riding experience:

  • Adjust your riding style: Modify your riding techniques based on the weather conditions, such as reducing speed and being more cautious in slippery and wet terrain.
  • Dress appropriately: Wear proper gear to protect yourself from rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. This includes waterproof clothing, sturdy boots, and goggles.
  • Maintain the ATV: Regularly check the tires, brakes, and other components to ensure they are in optimal condition, especially when riding in extreme weather.
  • Plan ahead: Before embarking on your ATV adventure, check the weather forecast and plan your route accordingly to avoid treacherous conditions.
  • Stay alert: Keep a watchful eye on the road ahead, anticipate obstacles, and make necessary adjustments to your riding technique to overcome challenges presented by the weather.

Getting Acquainted With Local ATV Riding Rules

My first step in exploring the ATV riding scene in Guam was familiarizing myself with the local ATV riding rules. I knew that understanding the local regulations was crucial to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the trails.

To begin, I researched the different ATV trails available in Guam. There were a variety of options, ranging from scenic routes through the hills to adventurous paths through the dense jungles. Each trail had its own set of rules and guidelines, so I made sure to study them thoroughly.

One important aspect of the local ATV regulations was the requirement for riders to have a valid driver’s license. This made sense, as operating an ATV requires a certain level of skill and responsibility. Additionally, there were age restrictions in place, ensuring that only individuals of a certain age were allowed to ride. This was important for the safety of both the riders and others on the trails.

Another key regulation was the use of proper safety gear. Helmets were mandatory for all riders, and it was recommended to wear additional protective gear such as gloves and knee pads. I made sure to invest in high-quality gear to ensure my safety during my ATV adventures.

Lastly, it was important to respect the environment and wildlife while riding. Riders were required to stay on designated trails and avoid damaging the surrounding vegetation. Additionally, it was crucial to steer clear of any protected areas or wildlife habitats.

Planning a Multi-Day ATV Expedition

After familiarizing myself with the local ATV riding rules, it was time to delve into planning a multi-day ATV expedition in Guam. The thought of exploring the hills and jungles for several days filled me with excitement and anticipation. To ensure a successful and enjoyable trip, I focused on three key aspects: choosing camping equipment, packing food, and gathering necessary supplies.

Here are five essential items to consider for a memorable ATV expedition:

  • Tent: Selecting a sturdy and waterproof tent is crucial for a comfortable night’s sleep. Opt for a lightweight and easy-to-set-up option that can withstand the elements.

  • Sleeping Bag: Invest in a high-quality sleeping bag that suits the climate of Guam. Look for one that provides insulation and is lightweight for easy transport.

  • Cooking Gear: Pack a portable camping stove, utensils, and cookware to prepare meals during the expedition. Don’t forget a reliable lighter or matches for starting a fire.

  • Food: Plan your meals ahead of time and bring non-perishable food items that are easy to prepare. Granola bars, canned goods, and dehydrated meals are great options. Don’t forget to pack enough water for the duration of your trip.

  • Supplies: Remember to pack essential supplies such as a first aid kit, insect repellent, sunscreen, and toiletries. Additionally, bring extra fuel, tools, and spare parts for your ATV in case of any mechanical issues.

Creating Unforgettable Memories in Guam’s Wilderness

Throughout my multi-day ATV expedition in Guam, I frequently found myself creating unforgettable memories in the wilderness. One of the things that made these experiences so remarkable was the opportunity to learn and practice various ATV riding techniques. The rugged terrain of Guam’s hills and jungles challenged my skills, but also allowed me to push my limits and discover new capabilities.

One of the most exhilarating techniques I learned was how to navigate steep slopes. The key was to maintain a steady speed, allowing the ATV’s weight to distribute evenly and provide better traction. It was an adrenaline rush as I descended down these slopes, feeling the thrill of the wind in my face and the rush of the terrain beneath me.

Another technique that enhanced my ATV riding experience was mastering how to maneuver through narrow trails. The dense foliage and narrow paths required precision and focus. I quickly learned to lean into turns, using my body weight to counterbalance the ATV, enabling me to navigate tight corners with ease.

To further enhance my adventure, I took advantage of the recommended ATV riding tours available in Guam. These tours provided an opportunity to explore the island’s hidden gems and witness its breathtaking landscapes. From riding along coastal cliffs to venturing deep into the jungle, each tour offered a unique and unforgettable experience.

As I reflect on my time in Guam’s wilderness, I am grateful for the memories I created. The ATV riding techniques I learned and the recommended tours I embarked on allowed me to fully immerse myself in the natural beauty of the island. Whether it was conquering challenging terrains or discovering hidden trails, these experiences will forever be etched in my mind as some of the most unforgettable moments of my life.

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