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Fields of Study

Turf Science

The primary role of the Turf Science Laboratory at the University of Guam is to conduct research in the area of turf science. The goal is to serve the needs of Guam and the Western Pacific region, and additionally to generate information that is beneficial to the scientific community outside of Guam.

The turf research program has been built according to these needs and primarily includes:

The Turf Science Laboratory at UOG is the principal resource for information related to turfgrass selection and management in tropical climates. Major extension activities include conveying current knowledge to the public. This is done by education and stimulation of public awareness and interest in turf and the landscape in general. Seminars, workshops, newspaper articles, brochures and flyers are available both at CNAS and this web site.

Turf Basic Information 

The following links will open PDF files with more information about maintaining a healthy lawn.


Centipede Lawns

Lawns on Guam 

Mowing Your Lawn Sod Production on Guam

Watering Your Lawn

Zoysiagrass Lawns


 The growing turfgrass industry on Guam and other tropical locations demands locally trained professionals. Presently, many of the highly trained professionals employed by turfgrass industries are recruited from off-island. The lack of locally trained professionals results in a constant shortage of skilled turf managers and exacerbates the problem of inadequate numbers of residential turf businesses. The the UOG course Turfgrass Management (AG 490) is offered for students considering careers in the turfgrass industry. It covers the important features of turfgrass ecosystems, interactions between ecosystem components, and principles of turfgrass management. 


The following researchers are involved with this Field of Study:

Greg  Wiecko - Publications

Greg  Wiecko


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