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Fields of Study

Plant Pathology

The Plant Pathology Laboratory is engaged in research on the diseases of traditional Pacific Island plant crops as well as other plants currently used in agriculture in the islands.Our laboratory is housed in the Agriculture and Life Sciences Building, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, on the main campus of the University of Guam in Mangilao. The lab team from left to right: Alicja Wiecko, Ken Paulino, George Wall.

We are set up to handle standard plant pathology work, such as dissecting and compound microscopy, mycological culture, bacterial culture and analysis via Biolog, ELISA for viral plant pathogens, and nematode extractions.   We also have the capability for doing nucleic acid extractions, PCR, electrophoresis and molecular hybridizations.

Additionally, we are set up for plant tissue culture. Our lab includes a culture room equipped with its own filtered air conditioning unit and thermostat, a laminar flow hood and cabinet space for culture storage. We have two autoclaves, waterbath units, a table-top incubator, macro and micro-centrifuges, shakers, hybridization oven, cross-linker, transilluminator, several horizontal and vertical electrophoresis units, thermal cyclers and a Kodak image station. 

Research on diseases of coconut, taro, banana, papaya, and areacanut is important to local farmers. Investigation of the Coconut Tinangaja Viroid, Papaya Ringspot Virus, Panama wilt in bananas, and a fungal disease infecting areacanut trees, among other projects, keep the lab team busy.

The Plant Pathology Laboratory also collaborates with local agencies such as Cooperative Extension, Plant Inspection Station and Customs & Quarantine to identify exotic pathogenic species in order to protect Guam's agriculture, ecology and native plant species.


Plant Disease Series

Orchid Virus Brochure (PDF)

Banana Bunchy Top Virus (PDF)


The following researchers are involved with this Field of Study:

George C Wall - Publications

Robert L. Schlub - Publications

Andrea L. Blas - Publications


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