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James  McConnell


PhD University of Hawai'i 
MSc University of Hawai'i 
BSc Pennsylvania State University

Research Interests

• Invasive species (weeds)
• Native plants 
• Scientific photography
• Ornamental Cultivar Evaluation

Contact Information:

Telephone: 671-735-2129
Cell Phone: 671-000-0000
Fax: 671-734-4600
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James  McConnell is currently involved in the following Fields of Study:

Articles about James  McConnell:

Publications by James  McConnell:

McConnell, J. and L. Gutierrez. 2006. Color Atlas of Common weeds of Guam. Agricultural Experiment Station Publication. College of Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Guam. 154p.

Marutani, M., John Brown, Mark Acosta, Joseph Sablan, Sheeka Afaisen, and James McConnell 2006. The University of Guam Triton Farm. HortScience. 41(4): 1033.

McConnell, J. 2006. The Flat Bed Scanner as a Close-up Digital Camera. HortScience. 41(4): 1044.

McConnell, J. 2006. Photographic and Post-Processing Techniques for Horticultural Images. HortScience. 41(4):1045.

McConnell, J. 2005. Release of New Scaevola sericea cultivars. HortScience. 41(4) 1041.

McConnell, J., 2005. Production of the Print on Demand Publication Weeds of Guam. HortScience. 40(4):1028.

McConnell, J. 2005. Guam Native Trees and Shrubs for the Landscape. HortScience. 40(4):996.

McConnell, J. 2005. Cultivar Comparison of Heliconias for Use in Guam. HortScience. 40(4):995.

McConnell, J. 2005. Response of vegetable crops to mycorrhizal inoculation in a calcareous soil in the tropics. HortScience. 40(4):1000.

Quitugua, R., M. Marutani, J. McConnell, and M. Marutani. 2002. Weeds. In: Eggplant, Pepper, and Tomotato Production Guide for Guam. ed. R Schlub and L. Yudin. Guam Cooperative Extension Publication, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. University of Guam. pp. 43-46. vv

McConnell, J., R. Barber, and M. Denney. 2002. The PEOPLE Project: Resource for Extension Programs in the Tropics. Micronesica Supplement.7: 13-15.

Oral Presentations:

McConnell, J. 2005. Digital Workflows for Optimizing Image Quality for Print and Electronic Media. ASHS Workshop Presentation--Invited Speaker. Current Innovative Computer Applications in Horticulture.

McConnell, J. 2006. Methods and Digital Workflows for Photographing Plants. Botanical Society of America. Annual Meeting. Chico State University, Chico California.

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