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Greg  Wiecko


PhD University of Georgia 
MSc Bydgoszcz University, Poland

Research Interests

• Turfgrass management

Contact Information:

Telephone: 671-735-2004
Cell Phone:
Fax: 671-734-4600
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Greg  Wiecko is currently involved in the following Fields of Study:

Publications by Greg  Wiecko:

Wiecko, G. 2014. Roof Vegetation Cuts Energy Costs on Guam. 29th Int. Hort. Congress Abstracts,  Brisbane, Australia.

Wiecko, G. 2013. Treaetment for crabgrass control in tropical turf. WSSA Annual Meeting Abstracts, Baltimore, MD.

Marler T.E., Wiecko G., Moore A. 2012.  Application of game theory to the interface between militarization and environmental stewardship in the Mariana Islands. Commun Integr Biol. 1;5(2):193-5.

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Wiecko, G. 1996. Bermudagrass responses to foliage application of trinexapac-ethyl, urea, and iron. Agronomy Abstracts. ASA Madison WI, pp. 144.


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