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Robert L. Schlub

Research & Extension


PhD Michigan State University
Major Plant Pathology

MS Ohio State University
​Major Plant Pathology

BS Ohio State University
​Major Plant Pathology

Current and Past Endeavors

Research Interests


Contact Information:

Telephone: 671-735-2089
Cell Phone:
Fax: 671-734-1244
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Robert L. Schlub is currently involved in the following Fields of Study:

Publications by Robert L. Schlub:


Dixon, L. J. R. L. Schlub, K. L. Pernezny, and L. E. Datnoff. 2009.Host Specialization and Phylogenetic Diversity of Corynespora cassiicola. Phytopthology 99:1015-1027.

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Abstracts and Posters

SCHLUB, R., Schlub, K., Brown, R., and Cannon, P.G. 2014. Early results of Casuarina equisetifolia provenance trial in Guam and advances in research on its decline. 2014 APS annual meeting Minneapolis, Minnesota, Phytopathology 104: 207-P.

Ayin, C.M., Schlub, R.L., and Alvarez, A.M. 2013. Identification of bacteria associated with decline of ironwood trees (Casuarina equisetifolia) in Guam. Poster in proceedings of 2013 APS annual meeting Austin, Texas, Phytopathology 103:P422.

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Mersha, Z., Schlub, R. L., Spaine, P.O., Smith J.A., and Nelson, S.C. 2010. Visual and quantitative characterization of ironwood tree (Casuarina equisetifolia) decline on Guam. Poster in proceedings of 2010 APS annual meeting Charlotte, North Carolina:  Phytopathology 100:S82.

Mersha, Z., Schlub, R.L., Spaine, P., Smith, J., Nelson, S., Moore, A.,  McConnell, J., Pinyopusarerk, K., Nandwani, D., and Badilles, A., 2010. Fungal Associations and Factors in Casuarina equisetifolia decline. Poster in proceedings of 9th International Mycological Congress Edinburgh, UK:  IMC9: P3.268.

Smith, L. J., Schlub,R.L. , and Datnoff, L.E. 2007. Diagnostic features of Corynespora cassiicola and its associated diseases.  National Plant Diagnostic Network Meetings, Jan 28-31.

Schlub, R.L. 2003. The need for diagnostic keys in production guides. 4th National Integrated Pest management Symposium. (Abstract).

Schlub, R.L., Bamba, J., Brown, R.W. 2011. Investigating a tomato virus on Guam. Proc. 7th International IPM Symposium, Memphis TN.

Schlub, R.L., Kubota, R., and Alvarez, A.M. 2013. Casuarina equisetifolia decline in Guam linked to colonization of woody tissues by bacteria. Poster in proceedings of 2013 APS annual meeting Austin, Texas, Phytopathology 103: P423.

Schlub, R.L., Mendi, R. C., Aiseam, C.C., Mendi, R. C. Davis, J.K. and Aime, M.C. 2012. Survey of wood decay fungi or Casuarina equisetifolia (ironwood) on the islands of Guam and Saipan (abstract). Phytopathology 102:P416.

Schlub, R.L., Moore, A., Marx, B., Schlub, K., Kennaway, L., Quintanilla, M., Putnam, M., Mersha, Z., 2011. Decline of Casuarina equisetifolia (ironwood) trees on Guam: Symptomatology and explanatory variables. Phytopathology 101:S216.

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