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Forest Leaf Litter Nutrient Dynamics:
Leaf Traits

Researcher: Thomas E Marler

The native species that exhibited the most sluggish leaf decomposition were Cocos nucifera and Cycas micronesica.

The native species that exhibited the most rapid leaf decomposition were Hibiscus tiliaceus, Morinda citrifolia, and Premna serratifolia.

Pandanus tectorius leaf litter decomposed at moderate speed in relation to the other species. 

The agroforestry species as a group exhibited leaf litter decomposition that was slower than the native species as a group. Litter decomposition for Artocarpus altilis was more rapid than for Mangifera indica and Persea americana

The invasive species exhibited accelerated leaf litter decomposition compared to the other species in this study.

This raises concerns about how Leucaena leucocephala, Vitex parviflora, and other alien trees are changing carbon and nutrient cycling processes in the Mariana Islands.



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